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Who Are We?

We are the neighbor next door, the coworker in the next cubicle, the coach of your child's team, the teacher who educates your child, the plumber you call upon, the law enforcement officer who protects you, the investment adviser you trust, the attorney who defends you, the physician who treats you, the truck driver who moves commerce around your country. We are you.

But we're more. We are men dedicated to pursuing moral excellence, developing sterling character, and serving our communities through charitable works. We are men unafraid to be men, declaring and doing what is right, committed to decency, respecting the liberty and rights of others, celebrating with each other in successes, supporting each other in trials. We are Masons.

Masons are good men made better through the principles of Masonry, which admonish us to constantly attend to love of God (however conceived by the individual Mason), love of mankind, and relief of the distressed. These principles are what distinguish us, make us more than men, more than a fraternity, more than a social organization.

If you believe yourself to be a good man and you are curious about becoming a better man through Masonry, take a few minutes to explore these pages. You may find that in your heart you are already one of us.

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